Illustration of girl with backpack in a lab coat hiking.
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Dr. Biology

Science is full of mysteries and unknowns waiting for you to discover. Beyond their usual research, there have been some unusual things happening in Dr. Biology's laboratory and they need your help. It is up to you to uncover what is going.

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19
Written by: 
Michelle Di Palma, Megan McCaughan, Kimberly Olney and Emily Webb
Viruses are everywhere, and most are harmless, but that isn’t the case for the SARS coronavirus. Where did this virus come from?
A black box, shown in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Ask A Biologist stands in support of Black Lives and people of color (POC). As a scientific and academic entity, we have benefitted from the progress made by Black people and other POC, and have learned from the viewpoints of people with a diverse range of backgrounds.

Picture of a rocket launching into space
Written by: 
Pooja Kadaba Ranganath
Exploring space is exciting but are there drawbacks for astronaut immune function? Scientists are investigating how spaceflight affects immunity in fruit flies.
Illustration showing rewilded grey wolf
Written by: 
Challie Facemire
Humans change the world around us in many ways, cutting down trees, building roads, using resources. But what happens when we try to restore some of the things an area has lost? And should we try to do so?
Coronavirus illustration
Written by: 
Ioulia Bespalova
Coronaviruses can cause the common cold, or worse infections, like COVID-19. Brenda Hogue studies how these viruses replicate and infect, and uses this information to try to make vaccines and other medicines.
Bionanoengineering robots
Written by: 
Julio Bernal and Tara MacCulloch
Fascinating and bizarre interactions control the world around us, at a scale too small to see—the nanoscale. By studying the nanoworld, we can create nanomachines that mimic nature.
Gila monster face illustration
Written by: 
Karla Moeller
The desert is a tough place to live – food may be tough to find, rain only comes in certain seasons, and the temperatures can be hard to handle. How does one special lizard, the Gila monster, deal with these difficulties?
Colitis with C. diff
Written by: 
Gayetri Ramachandran
You may have heard that bacteria can be good or bad. But what if some bacteria can be both? Let’s find out more about bacteria that are sometimes mischievous.