Thermodynamics of Reproduction in lizards

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Asexual reproduction: when one organism is able to make offspring without any other organism providing genetic material.

Reproduce: to make more individuals of your species... more

Thermodynamics: the study of energy or heat and related processes.

Learn about reproduction on Lizard Island. Our Lizard Island game on the Thermodynamics of Reprodution will teach players about the energy that must be collected and used to live and reproduce. Read more about reproduction in To Breed or Not to Breed.

Lizard Island – Thermodynamics: You might think lizards lead lazy lives. But they are constantly on the search for food to fuel life and reproduction. Can you find enough food to make sure your genes make it to the next generation? Take the role of an asexual female lizard, a sexual female lizard, and a male lizard to find out what some of the costs and benefits of these roles are.

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Learn more about how reproduction affects population size in Lizard Island - Populations.

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Lizard Island resource and mating game
Test your skills at balancing resources and using them to pass on your genes on Lizard Island.

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