How to Play

Learn the Features

Before you start a game, visit the Learn the Features page from the Play Menu to look over the different features of fish and plankton. This section is not timed or graded. It will teach you how to correctly describe these marine creatures, which can increase your performance in the game.

A fish with different body parts numbered

Species Identification Game

You are a marine biology intern joining a research team on the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. Your goal is to correctly identify fish and plankton as quickly as possible. In each round you will identify 5 fish (for the Beginner round) or 5 plankton (for the Advanced round). Answer each question about the features of the organism you are looking at to work your way through the identification key. To view the Tree or A/B Identification Keys, click the arrow to expand that key.

screenshot with labels showing parts of the game

Once you correctly identify a species, click the About This Fish/Plankton section for a full description of the features and information on the animal's behavior.

At the end of the round, you can print your results and download the complete keys.

Game Score

You will be given a summary of your results at the end of each round. During the game, you receive points based on how many correct identifications you make as well as your speed. The maximum number of points that you can gain each round is 750. You score is calculated using the below point system:

For each image identified:

Field Notes

Each animal that you correctly identify is added to your Field Notes. View your Field Notes from the Play Menu to see which species you have identified and to review information about them. Return to the game to play again and to collect more species. Can you collect all 18 fish and 12 plankton species?

A notebook with a fish and some text on the open page


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