Scale bar = 1mm

Growing Tibia

This slide shows the regions of the end of the growing tibia. The epiphysis is the end of the bone, and is the portion that participates in the joint. The growth plate is located just below the epiphysis and is the portion of the bone in which cartilage proliferates and is mineralized. This is followed by the metaphysis, which separates the growth plate from the diaphysis, or shaft, of the bone.

Observe regions of trabecular bone and cortical bone in this specimen. The outer surface of compact bone is covered with a fibrous material called periosteum to which muscles attach. The inner surface is called endosteum. A layer of hyaline cartilage called the articular cartilage covers the articulating surface of the bone.

This sample was stained by Masson’s Trichrome which stains cartilage violet-dark blue, mineralized bone blue-green and osteoid red.