Apis "Sweetness" Honey Bee



Honey Bee

Record: 21-2 Size: 13mm Weight: 120mg
Fighting from the Order of: Hymenoptera
Family: Apidae
Bouts: dragonflies, ants, yellowjackets, some birds, skunks and bears.
Bio: Worker honey bees will sting intruders and signal other bees with an alarm pheromone. Bees die after stinging and the stinger remains in the prey, pumping in venom, even after the bee is gone. Bees always have ´plumose´ or ´feather-like´ hairs on the back of their legs and these structures, known as pollen baskets, help in collecting pollen. Bees can collect 30kg of pollen per year for each hive – that’s 66 pounds! Scientists have also found that honey has antibacterial qualities. All worker bees are female, but they are not able to reproduce.