How to Play

The Bone Anatomy Viewer has two modes. Explore to see the parts of the bone at your own pace. Then, the Bone Parts ID Game to put your knowledge to the test.

Explore the Bone

Look around the bone to get to know its parts and what each part does. Use the buttons at the top of the screen to cut into the bone and see what’s inside.

Bone Parts ID Game

On the game menu, select whether you want to identify the bone parts based on part names or clues. You will need to use the buttons at the top of the screen to cut into the bone to select some of the parts found on the inside.

When you’re finished, you will a receive final score and can print a summary of your game results. Then, play again and try to improve your score!


Your score for the games is based on the following:


You might notice several buttons at the top of the screen while you are playing. What do they mean?

Navigation buttons


When no buttons are selected, you can click and drag over the cell to move it around within the viewing box.

Bone dissection buttons

bone Buttons

Use these buttons to dissect and glue parts of the bone back together. Not all buttons will be avaliable at all times, they will appear only when applicable. For most buttons, you will need to first activate the button by clicking on it, then click on part of the bone.

Other buttons

question mark button
Read basic game instructions
speaker buttonmute button
Turn the sound off or back on