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Dr. Biology gets the skinny on our largest organ - our skin. Professor and author Nina Jablonski talks about the important ways our skin works for us each day.

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Topic Time
Intro 00:00
About skin - Nina Jablonski reading from her book - Skin: A Natural History 01:13
How does our skin protect us? 04:07
Skin is very good at repairing itself. 06:16
What does the skin do to protect us from harmful sun ultraviolet radiation rays (UVR)? 07:07
Why does our skin change color when we expose it to sun? [Melanocytes - melanin] 09:01
Sunscreen - sun protection clothing. 11:12
Vitamin D and our skin. 12:11
Skin sensors. 15:02
Touch as a communication tool. 16:04
Skin pressure sensation - feedback. 17:30
Skin anatomy and function [How many skins will you have worn by age 20?] 18:12
Our nakedness - no, not your birthday suit - 20:32
What's the most amazing thing about skin? 21:19
Wrinkles. 22:05
Why do our finger tips look like prune skin when in the water too long? 23:58
What would you be or do if you could not be a science journalist? 21:52
When did you first know you wanted to be a scientist? 25:39
What would you be or do if you were not a scientist? 26:52
What advise do you have for someone who wants to be a scientist? 28:27
Sign-off 29:56

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