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Tell us what you know about the bird and we'll help you find it. Start off by selecting only one of the following search options. Your results will be better if you only enter what you know about the bird and not guess.

About the recordist: Pierre Deviche is the the man behind all the recordings in this collection. He is a professor in the School of Life Sciences who studies bird brains. You can listen to him talk about about bird songs and his recordings on the Ask A Biologist podcast program.

About the artist: Chris Richter is a graphic designer from Charleston, S.C. His photographic typeface "Words of a Feather" consists of a variety of birds in different compositions based off the classic typeface, "Garamond."

Bird Range Map

Bird Finder Range

Our current collection of birds covers most of the southwest. The map above shows the range and depth of species coverage you can expect from our virtual aviary.

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