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A Walk on the Wild Side: A Look at Species

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Dr. Biology's takes a trip to the Tres Rios wetlands and catches up with several biologist from the ASU School of Life Sciences including Quentin Wheeler, entomologist and founding director of the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University.

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Topic Time
Heron rookery - Grey Herons. 01:49
Arriving at the wetlands - description. 02:40
Red-winged Black birds (Pierre Deviche). 03:32
What a limnologist and a tool for exploring tiny species? (Jim Elser) 05:02
Do you think we could  find a new species? 06:12
How many living things could we find in a drop of water? 06:48
Not all bacteria are bad - some have important functions for our health. 07:51
What can you see in a drop of water? 08:31
Tiny food web within a drop of water - microbial loop. 09:22
Plants found in the wetlands and the ASU herbarium (Liz Makings). 10:04
Make your own herbarium. 12:47
Scum - just what is the green scum floating on the water? (Susanne Neuer) 13:42
Insects at the wetlands - dragonflies (Ron Rutowski) 15:24
Quentin Wheeler - entomologist 16:55
What got you started in studying beetles? 17:35
What are your favorite beetles? (fun description) 18:11
What does a beetle have in common with Darth Vader? 18:55
If you discover a new species you get to name it. 19:42
Some other interesting names that you have given beetles. 19:59
Phone visit with the President of the United States. 20:25
Tell us about the new International Institute for Species Exploration. 21:12
Do you think there are new species to be found at the wetlands? 22:06
How many species are there and how many are left to discover? 22:56
What is the new institute going to be doing? 23:32
When did you first know you wanted to be a scientist or biologist? 25:52
What would you be if you were not a biologist? 27:10
What advice do you have for young scientists? 28:10

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A Walk on the Wild Side: A Look at Species

Audio editor: Charles Kazilek


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