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A Breath of Fresh Ocean Air

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Professor Susanne Neuer from the ASU School of Life Sciencs talks about her research and how a person in the southwest desert can be studying deserts in the oceans. Yes, we said deserts in the ocean. Listen in to find out why.

You can read more about Neuer and her work in the companion article, What Lies Beneath.

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Topic Time
What's a marine biologist doing the the Southwest desert? 01:32
How much water is in the ocean and what oceans control - climate/weather. 01:56
Remote sensing devices. 02:43
What to the remote sensors do? 03:12
Satellite Oceanography Maps 04:40
Biomass on land and in the ocean 06:19
Phytoplankton are the basis of the food web in the ocean. 07:43
Photosynthesis / CO2 > O2 / Chlorophyll and Sugars 07:51
Plankton - definition - Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Bacterioplakton - Producers, Consumers, Recyclers. 09:07
Global Warming and plankton 10:11
How often and how long to you go out on sea voyages? 13:43
Do you ever get sea sick? 14:36
How can there be deserts in the ocean? 15:03
What changes have you seen in the ocean? (warmer - more acidic) 17:27
Are humans part of the reason for global warming? 20:45
Tell us about your work in Astrobiology. 21:35
Europa - (one of the moons of Jupiter) 21:48
Arctic sea ice 23:04
Extremophiles 24:51
When did you first want know you wanted to be a biologist? 25:17
What would you be if you were not a biologist? 26:55
What advice do you have for someone wanting to be a scientist? 27:23

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A Breath of Fresh Ocean Air

Audio editor: Charles Kazilek


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