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Butterflies and Insect Vision

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Biology, butterflies, and violin ballads are just a few of the things Dr. Biology talks about with ASU School of Life Sciences Professor Ron Rutowski.

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Topic Time
How do butterflies fit into the ecosystem 00:57
Movement of energy 01:31
Pollen & Pollinators 03:10
Consuming bad tasting compounds to protect them from predators. 03:27
Monarch butterfly migration 04:32
Where to Monarchs migrate from the Intermountain zone? Tagging butterflies 06:23
How do Monarch butterflies know which way to go? Navigation 07:27
Maybe the sun? 07:50
Maybe wind currents? 08:31
Built in compass that works off the Earth's magnetic field. 08:51
Ecology and Monarch Butterflies 09:34
Genetically modified corn - pesticides. 10:08
Lincoln Brower - Monarch butterfly expert 11:11
Destruction of Monarch winter home. 11:38
More information on Ask-a-Biologist (Migrating Monarchs & Coloring Page) 13:23
Insect Vision - movies get it wrong. 13:42
Omatitium 14:10
What do insects see? 14:25
Structure of an insect eye (rods, cones, omatidium) 15:13
Butterflies and most insects do not see the world a clearly as humans. 16:06
Description of legally blind (20/20 and 20/200 vision). 16:13
Butterflies can still see detail 17:51
How close to males need to be to a female butterfly to see them? 18:14
Butterfly color and pattern. 19:39
What is optical resolution? 20:04
Butterfly color vision and color choice. 20:28
How many species of butterflies are there? 21:27
Do butterflies see color? 21:38
Can butterflies see colors that humans cannot see? (color wavelength chart) 22:16
Infrared light (IR) 23:09
Ultraviolet light (UV) 23:29
How does the color vision of butterflies affect their behavior? 24:46
Scientific American article and cover image 25:22
A simple experiment and or observation for young scientists. What in your back yard? 26:39
Resources for identifying butterfly species. 28:03
Butterfly gardens 28:42
How long have you been playing and performing with the violin? 30:58
Intro to song from solo album Violinalone (title - Stronger than Dirt) 32:10
Where did the title, Stronger than Dirt, come from? 34:07
Do you find it difficult juggling careers? 34:52
Is there a cross over between your science and music careers? 36:59
Is there a connection between your science and music? 37:39
Youtube video with Ron Rutowski and Jeff Dayton performing. 38:52
When did you first know that you wanted to be a biologist? 39:34
If you were not a biologist, what would you be? 41:18
Advice for young scientists 41:42

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Butterflies and Insect Vision

Audio editor: Charles Kazilek

Ron Rutowski

Ron Rutowski sees more in butterflies than just beautiful colors and patterns.


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