Manduca Caterpillar Growth Experiment

Full Virtual Lab

* To be completed with the full virtual lab student handout found in the teacher resource packet.

Problem: How will temperature affect the growth of Manduca over time?

Generate your own hypothesis and predictions about what will happen. Collect your data

  1. Start with the Manduca Grown at 20°C. Set the Day to 01 and click Apply.
  2. Record the mass (g) located at the top of the picture. Then click on the picture to magnify it. Then measure the length by clicking on one end of the Manduca caterpillar. Then, click on five points along the rest of the Manduca with the last point being the opposite end of the Manduca. Record the length in your data table.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for all the days by changing the day drop down menu to day 02, then 03, and so on until the last day in the drop down menu. Remember to click Apply after you change the day.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for all the Manduca reared at 20°C by changing the Manduca # drop down menu to 02, then 03, and so on until you’ve recorded data for all the Manduca.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for the Manduca grown at 30°C.

Analyze your data

  1. Plot graphs of your data (length vs. days and mass vs. days) for both temperatures using your own Excel sheet to determine if there are real differences between the different temperature groups.
  2. Use the analysis questions from your full virtual lab student handout along with the information about temperature, Manduca, and animal growth on this website to help you interpret your data.
  3. Optional: If you want more animals in your sample size or a third temperature for comparison, then click over to the Do it Yourself link. See the full virtual lab student handout for instructions on how to do this.

* Full featured virtual experiment supported by all browsers except Internet Explorer.

Manduca Grown at 20°C

Manduca 01 (Lab 20°C)
Day 1
Mass in grams (g): 0.001661

Manduca Grown at 30°C

Manduca 01 (Lab 30°C)
Day 1
Mass in grams (g): 0.002375

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