These biology experiments are designed for you to do at home or school using simple equipment. For some experiments, you may need a calculator. Here is a link to an excellent one provided by Web2.0calc.

To access experiments, click on one of the experiments listed below. In most cases, it is simplest to copy the experiment into a word processing program, and then print it out.

wiring like nervous system
Written by: 
Brittany Sanner

Do you think you need the same number of nerves in every part of your body? Where in your body might you need more nerves? See for yourself!
Also in: Español

Air pollution
Written by: 
CJ Kazilek

The Phoenix metropolitan area, like many large cities, has problems with air pollution at certain times of the year. You can do a simple study to determine some of the factors that affect air pollution.

Ants in nest
Written by: 
Rebecca Clark

Farming ants might sound like a crazy thing to do unless you might like to eat chocolate covered ants. It turns out we can learn a lot from ants and the best way is to build your own ant farm.
Also in: Español

Birds and their Songs
Written by: 
Pierre Deviche, David Pearson and CJ Kazilek

We see them practically everywhere. They are found flying in the high mountains and soaring along the thermal winds in the low deserts. There are those that are reclusive and others you can watch from your own back yard.
Also in: Español

Egg white protein
Written by: 
Karla Moeller
Every day, as you cook, clean, and eat, you are breaking proteins. Not sure how you're doing it? Join us to learn a few ways you can break proteins at home or in the classroom.
Written by: 
Colleen Miks

Learn to focus on detail and make keen observations that could be overlooked in a picture in this lesson on scientific sketching.

Ants carrying puzzle pieces
Written by: 
Rebecca Clark

There are several different ways to get ants for an ant farm, depending on when you would like to start the farm and how long you would like for your ant farm to last.

Compost activity
Written by: 
Edward Birge

Microorganisms in action! Turn a pile of grass clippings into an experiment.

Brain tumors
Written by: 
Eugene Chung

Try out some of the new techniques that neurosurgeons are using to guide them during surgery.

Growing plants activity
Written by: 
Dr. Biology

Dr. Biology has been busy working on a new experiment and he needs your help. He has collected so much information from the experiment that he needs someone to analyze the data. All the results have been recorded in photographs, including some cool animations.
Also in: Español | Français


Against light skin, some of our veins look blue
Is blood blue?

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