Ugly Bug Contest 2008

The Ugly Bug Contest has been part of the Flagstaff Festival of Science and Mt. Campus Science Day since 1997. Ask-a-Biologist is pleased to extend the contest to the world via the Web.


Script: Jacob Sahertian
Video editing: Jacob Sahertian and Patricia Sahertian
Bug colorization: Debra Page Baluch
Transcript: James Baxter


The video starts with a black screen.

There is a twanging sound, and a black and white square of text appears on the screen. It grows larger and becomes legible. The text reads, "UGLY BUG ADVISORY VIEW AT OWN RISK."

This is replaced by three lines of text that say, "(1) Ugly Bug Contest (2) 2008 (3)Who will be this year's Ugliest Bug?"

This text stays on the screen for a few seconds and then is replaced by a small image of a firefly with text above it that reads, "I glow even as a larvae..." The image of the firefly gets larger, accompanied by a whooshing sound.

Other Ugly Bug 2008 candidates are shown in the same manner as the firefly, with text above them and accompanied by a whooshing noise.

The Pill Bug is next, and the text reads "I'm so ugly I have no enemies..." It is followed by the Stink Beetle, "I spray to keep you away..." and the Tick, "I feed on blood..."

Next the screen is shown filled with text. It reads, "Help make a bug's dream come true, vote for your favorite at and download your own ugly bug coloring page and poster. Vote by December 1, 2008" in large green letters, and "Presented by: Northern Arizona University and ASU International Institute for Species Exploration" in smaller gray letters that sit underneath the green text.

The Pill Bug is partially shown at the bottom of the screen and appears to be trying to knock the text off the screen. It bounces and we hear a springing noise, followed by a thud. The text moves up, but then settles back into place, and the Pill Bug disappears.

The video ends.

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