Viruses and immune function

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Prologue: a section before a story or movie that introduces characters and important information.

Story Behind the Scenes by Kelly Dolezal
Illustrated by Sabine Deviche and Dr. Biology

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There are battles that are fought each day around the planet. The invading forces are those of viruses and bacteria. Left alone they would take over and destroy every cell!

It is up to some key defense systems to battle and destroy these forces. Your immune system is one such defense system. A collection of special cells in your body are ready to attack any unwanted bacteria and viruses. Together these cells are able to seek out and destroy unwanted viruses and return your body to its normal working order.

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This story has young actors playing the role of the cells. Each cell has a special job that they do that helps our bodies do work and fight off infections, like those caused by viruses. As you will see there are many different cells that work together to fight off infections like viruses.

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Macrophage B-Cell T-Cell Epithelial Cells

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