Upland Ground

Greater Roadrunner

Geococcyx californianus
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Length: 23 in. (58 cm )
This famous cartoon character is even more intriguing in life. It lives on the desert floor, agricultural fields and open pine forests. Occasionally it will sit in the top of a bush to sing its courtship song. On cold desert mornings, the Roadrunner warms itself up by raising its back feathers, exposing the black skin under them, and absorbing the sun\'s energy efficiently. Its foot print in the dust is distinctive with two toes forward and two back to form an \X.\ This cuckoo relative eats insects, lizards, baby quail, mice, snakes and occasionally fruits. Its stick nest is located low in a dense bush or clusters of cacti.

The four-digit banding code is GRRO.

Male | Herbert Clarke




Mesquite bosque



Urban city
Bird Sound Type: Buzzing
Sex of Bird: Male
Sonogram Large:
Sonogram Zoom:
Bird Sound Type: Buzzing
Sex of Bird: Male
Sonogram Large:
Sonogram Zoom:

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