Comparative Physiology Game
Written by: Karla Moeller
Illustrated by: Sabine Deviche

Build a Creature

Frankenstein game

Click to enter Frankenstein's Lab!

Frankenstein’s Lab is a place where the impossible becomes possible. Dr. Frankenstein's work builds on the secrets her great, great, great grandfather learned when he built his first monster, a story most of us know well. Following in the footsteps of her family, her life’s work as a comparative animal physiologist is to figure out how animals’ bodies work. Other comparative physiologists do this by learning about different species separately, then comparing them. But Dr. Frankenstein takes this to the next level. She compares animals’ bodies directly by connecting their body parts together.

Dr. Frankenstein doesn’t want to harm any living animals, so she prints these body parts in her 3D physio-printer before sewing them together. You are her new laboratory assistant, so dive in and help her study these species in Frankenstein's Lab, a comparative physiology game.

Physiology Game: Study Tools

Physiology story illustration showing illustrated fly brain, human lungs, fish heart, and octopus muscles

Click to learn more about animal bodies, whether fly brains (top left), human lungs (top right), fish hearts (bottom left), or mollusk muscles (bottom right).

Want to plan ahead and learn what you can so you will be a more educated assistant? Visit Focusing on Physiology, where you will learn the basics of all the major body systems.

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Physiology game

Choose your strategy, assistant. Dive in and play Frankenstein's Lab, or study up first with Focusing on Physiology.

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