Does social distancing work?
Written by: 
Kyle Polen and Sarah Weiss
How well does social distancing work to control a global pandemic? With people’s lives turned upside-down due to COVID-19, many have been left to wonder if social distancing is worth it.
How do bacterial cells handle damage when they divide?
Written by: 
Daphne Newell, Jadon Gonzales and Danielle Brister
Instead of giving birth to a child, bacteria divide in half when they grow old, creating two new bacteria cells. But bacteria become damaged as they age just like humans do, so where does all this damage go?
COVID simulation illustration of the COVID SIM title on a map, showing people


In the COVID-19 pandemic, how much does wearing masks and distancing matter? How important is it to get vaccinated? You can now explore and visualize these questions as you figure out how you could slow the pandemic.

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Ant-plant symbiosis
Written by: 
Andrew Burchill
Elizabeth Pringle grew up in a family of biologists, but didn't think she would end up as a biologist until she fell in love with research.
Example pattern from Nano Building Game
Play the Bionanoengineering Game

Basic building patterns can be used to think about how technologies are built at the nano-scale. Try your hand at building specific patterns, or explore how blocks can be used to make many different shapes in this bioengineering game.

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Written by: 
Kathryn Michelle Benavidez Westrich
We usually worry about getting sick from other people or from spoiled food. But did you know that some animals, like rats and mongooses, can make you sick too?
Illustrated old typewriter with text - Spotting Science Lies
Written by: 
Serena O’Sullivan
Some people on the internet want to trick you when it comes to science. Here are some tools you can use to arm yourself with the truth.
Written by: 
Ian Vicino, Mary D. Pardhe and Dr. Biology
Every year, vaccines protect millions of people from getting sick. But how, exactly, do vaccines work? Learn the science behind how vaccines protect us from disease.