Dr. Biology Visits the Laboratory of Michael Angilletta

It is not always possible to see the inside of a working laboratory. These are places where scientists are learning about life on Earth. They may not be the CSI-type environment you see on television or in the movies, but they are just as amazing and in some cases even more amazing than what Hollywood could dream up.

Dr. Biology drops in on biologist Michael Angelletta and the researchers in his labortory. Besides getting a fun tour of the place, he learns how they study animals and their methods of heating and cooling their bodies. You can also read more about professor Angelletta in Hot Reserch.

These videos were filmed on the Arizona State University, Tempe Campus. We want to thank the student researchers in this film, Greg Adrian, Colton Smith and Donovan Kilby.

Michael Angilletta Arizona State University

You can read more about Mike Angilletta, his research on thermoregulation and his love of snakes in the companion article - Hot Research.

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