Ugly Bug Contest 2012 winner

In 2012 the public has decided. Congratulations Orthoptera, you have earned your 008 status.

Music is from


Voice: Elizabeth Mikkelsen (Moneypenny), Andrew Tatlow (James)
Script/transcript: Jacob Sahertian
Video editing and Flash animation: Jacob Sahertian
Sound editing: Jacob Mayfield
Illustration: James Baxter
Bug colorization: Debra Page Baluch


[007 walks in a hallway towards a door. He enters room and throws hat onto the coat rack. In the background, Moneypenny patiently watches while sitting at her desk. Music is playing softly in the background.]

007: Moneypenny
Moneypenny: have you heard the announcement, James?
007: Don’t tell me you’re getting married?
Moneypenny: The chief has just announced the new 00 agent.
007: Oh Moneypenny, for a minute I thought I needed to be jealous.

[Music begins to get louder as the camera zooms past them towards the background round viewer in order to get a clear view of the winner. Credits scrolls as the winning bug walks towards the coat rack and accidentally knocks it down. Text says "Don't forget to download your own Ugly Bug coloring page and poster at"]

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