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After months of voting a champion has been crowned. Congratulations Snakefly the 2009 Ugly Bug winner.

Ugly bug final graph

Final Voting resulted in 8,023 total votes. Thank you for voting in this year’s Ugliest Bug Contest and remember...Ugly is only cuticle deep.

Look below for the description of the 2009 contestants. You can also download the ugly bug companion coloring pages and become a make-up artist for these bug stars and/or get your own Ugly Bug 2009 Poster.

Macrosiphon "The Blade"

(966 votes)
Carpenter Bee
Xylocopa "The Hammer"
Carpenter Bee

(459 votes)
Periplanta americana "La Cucaracha"

(1340 votes)
Acanthocephala "The Leaf Foot"

(346 votes)
Crane Fly
Tipulidae "The Gollywhopper"
Crane Fly

(556 votes)
Honey Bee
Apis "Sweetness"
Honey Bee

(106 votes)
Jumping Ant
Harpegnathos "The Ringleader"
Jerdon’s Jumping Ant

(596 votes)
Paper Wasp
Polistes "The Shocker"
Paper Wasp

(831 votes)
Hadrurus "The Stinger"

(309 votes)
Agulla "Stretch"

(2514 votes)

The Ugly Bug Contest has been part of the Flagstaff Festival of Science and Mt. Campus Science Day since 1997. Ask-a-Biologist is pleased to extend the contest to the world via the Web. Congratulations to the Snakefly for being 2009 Ugliest Bug Winner. Be sure to add us to your calendar to vote every year.

Made possible by  Northern Arizona University Imaging and Histology Core Facility, the International Institute for Species Exploration, and the ASU W. M. Keck Bioimaging Laboratory.

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Watch the Ugly Bug Contest 2009 Promotional Video and Winner Feature.

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