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Declassified: information that used to be secret but is now available to everyone.

Declassified Reports

CD over envelopeWe are counting on you to send in your findings so that we can share the results with other experts that are working on the mystery. Imagination and creativity can be very useful in solving these mysteries. Did I say mysteries? Yes, I believe there are many different things happening in the laboratory, so hurry. We need your help!

Take a look at our newest reports from Ms. Beck's students at Sycamore Elementary. Click on any of the links below to view their findings.

And more reports have arrived, from students in Ms. Delgado's class at Donaldson Elementary. Click on the links below to view their findings.

And .... our first set of declassified reports from Mrs. Boehmer's 5th grade class are posted below. Click on any of the links below to view their findings.

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