Illustration of a girl scientist in white lab coat hiking with a backpack.
Written by: Dr. Biology
Illustrated by: Sabine Deviche
Video editor: Samantha Lloyd

A Biology Mystery Waiting for You to Solve

Science is full of mysteries and unknowns waiting for you to discover. Beyond their usual research, there have been some unusual things happening in Dr. Biology's laboratory and they need your help. It is up to you to uncover what is going.

Play the video or go to the Briefing Document to begin the adventure.

Filing folder with papers. Rubber stamp with Top Secret. DVD disk on top of an envelope. File folder, paper with icon and green arrow pointing up.
Briefing Document Secret Files Declassified Files Secure Upload

Once you open the secret files you will discover a collection of images. The images look a lot like frames from a comic book. It is kind of like the laboratory was placed into a story without the any order or any words. This is where the challenge and the fun starts. What could be happening in the lab of Dr. Biology? This is the mystery that needs to be solved.

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