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Submitting your results to Dr. Biology

Once you complete your report and fill out the declassification form, you can use our secure upload tool to send us your report.

What to do before you upload your files and declassification form

  • Complete your report. Be sure you include the text of what is being said and that you've colored the images.
  • Fill out the declassificaton form.
  • Take photos of your finished work and the declassification form.
  • Be sure the pictures are sharp and easy to read.
  • Save the images as either jpeg, or png.

When you have all the photos ready, you can open the secure upload tool and follow the directions.

Secure upload form

Grade level
File Upload *
If more than one file, upload as a zip file. To create a zip file, create a folder and copy or move files there. Right click mouse or hold the control on mac or alt key on PC and click on mouse and select "compress". Create a zip file and upload.
Files must be less than 80 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png tar zip.
The following items can be published alongside my image *
Select all items that can be published as credit for your image.
Parent or guardian information
Relationship to applicant *
I am the parent or guardian of the voice actor, or an adult applicant, and by submitting audition materials, I acknowledge I have read and agree to the terms of the Arizona State University NEED TEXT AND LINK Further, if my submission is selected for use, I agree that I will provide a signed copy of the Model Release Form.

If you have questions or problems submitting, email

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