Meet Our Biologists

Read about some of the ASU biologists who make this site work. We have included profiles about some of our biologists and their research. Check out what they are doing and how they are doing it. Later, if you have any questions, you can submit them to Ask A Biologist using our question submission form.

Alzheimer's brain
Written by: 
Pierce Hutton
Alzheimer’s disease makes it difficult to remember many things – like where you live, the names and faces of family members, and even your own name. ASU professor Diego Mastroeni’s job is to study Alzheimer’s disease, and to hopefully find a way to cure it.
Mysterious green organisim.
Written by: 
Challie Facemire
Where might we find life, and what should we even be looking for to see if life exists on other planets?. Sara Walker is going where others have not gone before in the search for life.
an illustration of bags of trash showing microbes inside
Written by: 
Challie Facemire
It's a gassy, microbe-filled world out there. How can we control or even use these gases for good? That's what Hinsby Cadillo-Quiroz is figuring out.
Cleaning up the environment with bacteria
Written by: 
Pierce Hutton
Microbes are all around us, and some have the power to hurt or to help. Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown studies the ability of microbes to help, whether deep in our guts or in the environment.
Also in: Español
An illustration of a cluster of yeast
Written by: 
Christopher Albin-Brooks

Mutations can change how genes work and produce big changes in our bodies. Kerry Geiler-Samerotte is tracking how mutations affect cells at the microscopic level.

On the Lookout for Locusts
Written by: 
Karla Moeller and Michelle Schwartz

Arianne Cease isn't just any locust biologist. She's also a sustainability scientist, as she's bringing together all kinds of researchers to work on reducing the number of locust swarms, which affect 1 in 10 people across the globe.

Panama Kate
Written by: 
Margaret Coulombe

For biologist Kate Ihle the rainforest holds the secret of her favorite insect. Wearing their their irredesent greens and blues, orchid bees are slowing sharing their story of life in the jungle.
Also in: Nederlands | Español

Ant-plant symbiosis
Written by: 
Andrew Burchill
Elizabeth Pringle grew up in a family of biologists, but didn't think she would end up as a biologist until she fell in love with research.
A cartoon house with wastewater going from the sink into the sewer
Written by: 
Challie Facemire
Most of us don’t think of the sewers as an exciting place. But these and other waterways are where Rolf Halden is finding and solving many mysteries.
Battling bacteria with computers
Written by: 
Ioulia Bespalova
Battling bacteria can be tough, as they can evolve quickly and resist many of our treatments. But Shelley Haydel is working on new ways to fight bad bacteria.


A swallowtail caterpillar
Is there anything in nature that get smaller as it thrives?

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