Meet Our Biologists

Read about some of the ASU biologists who make this site work. We have included profiles about some of our biologists and their research. Check out what they are doing and how they are doing it. Later, if you have any questions, you can submit them to Ask A Biologist using our question submission form.

Written by: 
Kathy Khoury

Tucked away inside steel-gray cabinets in the Life Sciences Building is a different kind of library known as the ASU herbarium. The stacks upon stacks of color-coded folders contain more than 210,000 plant specimens -- a kind of botanical history of Arizona and the world.

Monster DNA
Written by: 
Ally Carr

Melissa Wilson Sayres never expected that her love for both math and biology would lead her to studying genetics and sex chromosomes. But the newest surprise in her work comes from finding out about some very colorful monsters.

Angelic Creature with Devilish Charm
Written by: 
Gail Maiorana

A tiny creature that flies and swims at the same time caught the attention of Arizona State University Professor Richard Satterlie a few years ago.

The Interest of Insects
Written by: 
James Waters and Karla Moeller

Humans and insects have more in common than you might think. We share a broad range of similarities, covering everything from muscle and nerve structures to the ways our cells communicate.

An illustration of a digestive tract merged with a globe
Written by: 
Christopher Albin-Brooks
The microbes that live inside us affect more about our lives than we might think. Taichi Suzuki is learning how these hitchhikers have been changing alongside humans.
Written by: 
Dianne E. Price

Tobacco may have a bad reputation, but that is starting to change. Learn more about how Charles Arntzen is using this plant to treat the often-fatal disease Ebola.

Written by: 
Ben Petersen
Could a virus that is deadly in rabbits be used to treat cancer in people? That is exactly what Arizona State University researcher Grant McFadden is trying to figure out.
What Lies Beneath
Written by: 
Jake Harris

What life lies below the surface of the water? A question that marine biologist Susanne Neuer has been studying since her childhood days. Now it is a career that she loves.

Water pouring out of a pipe, carrying viruses and bacteria
Written by: 
Christopher Albin-Brooks
While our water may look crystal clear, there are actually countless microbes that live in it. Kerry Hamilton is working to find the bad bacteria in our water and to learn how we can manage these organisms.


Penguin swimming, looks like it is flying through water
Can penguins fly?

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