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You have been reading about the biologists behind the Ask A Biologist website. Now you can listen to them in our popular biology podcast show. Dr. Biology has been speaking with many of the biologists that are discovering new worlds and exploring new frontiers in biology. There are over 90 episodes and we continue to add more interviews. Each show includes a full written transcript and content log.

Want to watch some of our biologists in action? We are also building a collection of biologists in the lab and the field. Pick the "Watch" tab and pick one of the shows featuring our biologists.!

Mary Liz Jameson

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 059
Guest: Mary Liz Jameson

Are there really flesh-eating scarab beetles, or is it a movie myth? Dr. Biology and biologist Mary Liz Jameson talk about scarab beetles, dung, and even some insect recipes, minus the dung, for humans to try out for their next dinner or pot-luck.

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 058
Guest: Lucy Hawking

If aliens were to contact us, what would you say? How would you say it? These are just a few of the questions that Dr. Biology talks about with guest Lucy Hawking. The two have fun with these ideas and more as part of the Dear Aliens essay contest.

Baluch with cohosts

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 057
Guest: Page Baluch

Three inquisitive young co-hosts, Stephanie Galindo, Anthony Delgado and Raenesha Willis visit with biologist and microscopist Page Baluch. Together with Dr. Biology they explore the tiny world of inner space and learn that there is more to a flower than can be seen with only the eye.

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 056
Guest: Jablonski, Nina

In celebration of the launch of the new Ask A Biologist website, Dr. Biology sits down with biologist Nina Jablonski to talk about our skin - the largest organ of our body. Learn some fun facts like - did you know you are not wearing the same skin from last year?

Robert Krulwich

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 055
Guest: Krulwich, Robert

What happens when Dr. Biology sits down to talk with science reporter Robert Krulwich? He learns why the reporter is one of the best at communicating complex subjects. Listen as the two talk about the craft of radio, film, and new media formats.

Bat biologists Hagen and Fisher

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 054
Guest: Fisher, Rebecca, Hagen, Elizabeth

Here is something special you can add to your trick-or-treating this year. Find out if there are vampire bats waiting to drink your blood - or if we really have a funny bone in our body? These are just a few of the things Dr. Biology and his guests Rebecca Fisher and Elizabeth Hagen talk about on this show. You can even listen to some real bat chatter.

Denardo and Vlooswijk

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 053
Guest: DeNardo, Dale, Vlooswijk, Arno

After a long hot summer it seemed like a good time to see how some animals keep cool in extreme heat and stay warm when it is freezing outside. One animal even uses fiber optics to stay warm when the temperatures are below zero. Dr. Biology talks with biologist Dale DeNardo and engineer and thermographic artist Arno Vlooswijk about what's hot and what's not when it comes to thermoregulation.

Ken Dial

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 052
Guest: Dial, Ken

To fly like a bird. It's the dream of many people - being able to soar in the air without a plane or other device. But have birds always been masters of the sky? Dr. Biology talks with ornithologist Ken Dial about the evolution of bird flight and what he and other scientists have learned with the help from some modern baby dinosaurs (birds).

Biologists Funk and Pyle

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 051
Guest: Funk, Vicki, Pyle, Richard

From high on top of the Tepui mountains in South America and into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, Vicki Funk and Richard Pyle search the globe looking for new plants and animals. Dr. Biology has a chance to learn some interesting things about exploring for new species - like what is the Smithsonian Diet and how to lighten the mood when surrounded by hundreds of sharks

Flora Delaterre

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 050
Guest: Judy, Beth

Dr. Biology along with a group of curious high school students learn why Detective Flora Delaterre is investigating plants and how they can be the perfect medicine for what makes you sick.


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Why is Rudolph's nose red?

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