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You have been reading about the biologists behind the Ask A Biologist website. Now you can listen to them in our popular biology podcast show. Dr. Biology has been speaking with many of the biologists that are discovering new worlds and exploring new frontiers in biology. There are over 90 episodes and we continue to add more interviews. Each show includes a full written transcript and content log.

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Doug Lake Immune Research

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 041
Guest: Lake, Doug, Santos, Ramon

It can start with a paper cut, or bruise, sometimes it might be a cold or the flu that triggers your body defense and repair system. Listen in as Dr. Biology and Co-host Ramon Santos from Paul Lawrence Dunbar Elementary learn more about how our bodies can repair themselves even while we sleep. Guest biologist Doug Lake talks about body repair, our immune system and how it might be used to treat cancer.

Tina Wilson plants

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 040
Guest: Wilson, Tina

On a hot summer day in the desert, temperatures are often hotter than 110 degrees F (43 degrees C). If the heat is not bad enough, there can be weeks and months without a drop of rain. How do desert plants like the Saguaro Cactus survive in such difficult conditions? Dr. Biology talks with Tina Wilson from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona to get the story behind plants that keep their cool in the desert.

Jim Collins NSF

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 039
Guest: Collins, James

Hitting the road again, Dr. Biology checks out the Biological Division of the National Science Foundation. He visits with the Dr. James Collins the person overseeing all the research funding for the biological area at NSF. Learn how your tax dollars are being used and the cool things that NSF funds that you may not have known about.

Davies Pichel

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 038
Guest: Davies, Paul, Garcia-Pichel, Ferran

What is life and how do biologists decide if something is living or non-living? Dr. Biology visits with physicist Paul Davies and microbiologist Ferran Garcia-Pichel. They talk about life, extreme life forms (extremophiles), and the possibility of life on other planets. Listen in as they build their own E.T. and wonder if maybe, just maybe, we might all actually be E.T.

Rebecca Clark Antfarm

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 037
Guest: Mendez, Itzany, Clark, Rebecca

Other than the rare chocolate covered ant, why would we want to farm ants? Dr. Biology and his co-host Itzany Mendez from Dunbar Elementary School look into lives of these interesting animals. The two talk with PhD graduate student Rebecca Clark and learn some pretty cool things including how to build a slick ant farm using two music CD cases.


Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 036
Guest: Lipscomb, Diana

Dr. Biology and his guest, taxonomist Diana Lipscomb, dive into the mystery of why coral reefs around the world are dying. With no untouched reefs left today the possibility of losing this important marine life and habitat is real. Learn how taxonomy is being used to solve the mystery and possibly save these beautiful and important ecosystems.

Kevin McGraw with student

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 035
Guest: Varela, Brian, McGraw, Kevin

Dr. Biology and his co-host Brian Varela from Dunbar Elementary School get a close-up view of bird feathers. The pair interview biologist Kevin McGraw an expert on animals coloration who studies birds to unlock their secrets. They learn about the many ways birds use their feathers. What they find out might surprise you.


Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 034
Guest: Vukusic, Peter

You may not know the name or how it works, but iridescent color is common in Nature. From butterflies to birds and even fish you can see examples of these eye-popping colors. Dr. Biology sits down with physicist Peter Vukusic to talk about iridescence and science behind these spectacular colors.

Raul and Taylor talk about plants

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 033
Guest: Cheatham, Taylor, Gutierrez, Raul

Dr. Biology and his co-host Taylor Cheatham from Dunbar Elementary School explore some of the more unusual plants of the desert and beyond. The pair interview biologist Raul Gutierrez who has been studying Devil's Claw. If that is not a wickedly cool name - what is? There is even talk of some plants eating insects. Let's hope they don't get an appetite for larger animals.

Hebets and Taylor Spiderwomen

Ask A Biologist Podcast, Vol. 032
Guest: Hebets, Eileen, Taylor, Lisa

What would have happened if poor Miss Muffet had not been frightened away by the spider that sat down beside her? Dr. Biology talks with two scientists that certainly were not frightened away by spiders. Listen in as biologists Eileen Hebets and Lisa Taylor talk about their passion for these cool creatures.


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