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You have been reading about the biologists behind the Ask A Biologist website. Now you can listen to them in our popular biology podcast show. Dr. Biology has been speaking with many of the biologists that are discovering new worlds and exploring new frontiers in biology. There are over 100 episodes and we continue to add more interviews. Each show includes a full written transcript and content log.

Want to watch some of our biologists in action? We are also building a collection of biologists in the lab and the field. Pick the "Watch" tab and pick one of the shows featuring our biologists.!

Kate Ihle image

Dr. Biology interviews research scientist Kate Ihle at Barro Colorado Island in Panama. BCI is part of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Bees touching antennae
Honey bees use a waggle dance to communicate the location, distance and quality of a flower to other bee workers. But what does this dance actually look like?

When was the last time you folded a piece of paper to make a fun shape? Maybe you made a paper plane or tried origami to make a swan. Believe it or not, the building blocks inside your body also need to fold into the right shapes to work properly. In this activity, you can build your own protein channel from paper.

Leafcutter ants carrying leaves
There is an endless march going on in the rainforest, as tiny farmers collect food to bring back to their fungus. Join us in the rainforests of Panama as we take a closer look at the life of the leafcutter ant.
How do animals survive the cold? An illustration of a thermometer reading a temperature of 32F.

At different times of year and in different parts of the world it can get really cold outside. How do animals deal with colder temperatures? Does the cold affect organisms in different ways? We asked some of our experts about how organisms cope with the cold.

seeds image

Step-by-step tutorial for building your own Pocket Seed Viewer. You can use it to test the effects of light, dark, temperature and gravity on seed germination and plant growth.

Very strange things have been taking place lately. Dr. Biology and his team need your help to solve the mystery and piece together what's been happening in the lab.

Banana DNA

We have DNA in almost all of our cells, but we know it's too tiny to see. Or is it? Follow along as we extract enough DNA from a banana that you can actually see it.

When you visit a pond or the beach, what kinds of living things do you see in the water? Don’t let your eyes fool you… there’s a hidden world in water full of creatures too small to be seen!

Tiger beetle video image
You see a colorful beetle on the forest floor, running, then stopping, then running again, as it chases down a small ant. What is this insect, and what can you learn from watching it?


Tortoise-shell colored cat
How are humans different from other animals?

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