Basics of DNA

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DNA: deoxyribonucleic acid is the information "blue-print" of the cell. It is a nucleic acid and is made from building blocks called nucleotides. This genetic information is passed from parent to child... more

Gene: a region of DNA where a specific set of instructions for one trait is kept. We get some of our genes from our mother and some from our father... more

Genome: all of the genetic information of an organism (living thing)... more

What if you could get a private lecture on DNA, genes, and genomes? This is what we are offering right here with our introductory biology class audio snippets. Our audio snippets cover a collection of topics that students often have trouble understanding. We included three snippets below from our iTunes U Living World Series to help you learn about the amazing how-to guides written in the DNA of all living things.

The instructor for your lessons will be Regents' and Parents Professsor Jim Elser from the ASU School of Life Sciences. Pull up a chair and listen in as he talks about DNA and more.

 What is DNA? [length 5:36 - download file]

How does DNA store information? [length 2:34 - download file]

What are the functions of a genetic molecule? [length 9:57 - download file]

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Get a quick class in DNA from professor Jim Elser.

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