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Metasearch engines: a website that searches other search engines. This allows a person to use many search engine databases from one website.

Search engine: a website that provides search tools used to locate content on the Web. Usually search engines collect information on a large number of websites and places them in an index that can be searched quickly to find needed information... more

Search Engines

Try out some of the search engines, metasearch sites, and directories used at Ask A Biologist. There are many more great search sites out there. These are just a few that we have used or still use today.

Name Type of Search Unique Features Adult Content filter Address
Bing Engine Microsoft's search tool. Yes
Dogpile Metasearch Great place to enter keywords for a large search of other Web search sites. Also has image, video, and news search options. Yes
Google Engine Largest and best results from a single search engine. Also has a great image search. Yes
Hotbot Engine Easy to use Boolean language and filter for edu, com, gov, or US and European searches (on the advanced page). No
PubMed Engine Example of a search engine that specializes in one area (science and medicine). No
Yahoo Engine The original Web directory service on the Internet. Now a search engine. Yes

To find more search engines including ones for specific topics, check out the following web site.

Search Engine Guide:

Filtering out adult content - some of the search engines include filters that help to eliminate links to questionable content. None of them are 100% foolproof. Adult supervision is always the best method and often fun for both student and adult.

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