An illustration for the game Epic Mosquito Quest, showing the game world, with mosquito issues that need fixing, and an enlarged mosquito illustration in the center

Mosquito Breeding Basics

Mosquitoes are insects that affect people across most of the globe. In some areas, they are more dangerous than in others... but in all areas, they might be considered (at the very least) annoying when they bite us. How can we keep these insects from biting us? Learn about mosquito breeding grounds and how to keep their numbers down in your own communities in Epic Mosquito Quest.

Fighting Back Against Mosquitoes

You or your students may have learned that mosquitoes breed in water, but what exactly does that mean for how you can reduce their numbers? Epic Mosquito Quest teaches players real techniques for how to find and fix mosquito problems. Students solve mosquito issues in their game character's own yard first, then they go to help the rest of their community tackle other types of issues. 

To learn more about mosquitoes, visit our story All About Mosquitoes and our lesson, Managing Mosquitoes.

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