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Herbarium: a collection of dried plants mounted (usually on paper) labeled and arranged for use by scientists... more

Plants Pressed and Mounted for Display

This page shows three examples of plants that have been pressed and mounted for the herbarium collection.

Each one of the images below can also be enlarged for more detailed viewing. If your computer screen is small, you might have to scroll to see all of the plate.

As you can see, arranging the plants on a page can be an art. Each one has a distinct beauty where science and art mix.


Liliacaea Calochortus ambiguus (Jones) Owenby. Click for more detail.


Castilleja exserta (Heller) Chuang & Heckard ssp. exserta. Click for more detail.


Cactaceae Echinocereoous triglochidiatus Engelm. var. melanceanthus (Engelm.) L. Bens. Click for more detail.

Now that you have seen some of the examples in the ASU herbarium, you might want to try to press some of your own plants and create your own herbarium.  It is not difficult.  In fact, we have step-by-step instructions to help you with the project. 

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Pressed plant Arizona State University

Dried and pressed herbarium specimen ready for its label. Image by Shuhrataxmedov via Wikimedia Commons.

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