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Magnify: to increase the size of something. Making an object larger by using a tool or instrument such as a magnifying glass or microscope.

Microscope: an instrument used to see objects or parts of objects, which are too small to be seen with only our eyes... more

Pollen: powdery material made by plants that contains the male sperm cells used in plant reproduction... more. Sometimes used in solving crimes.

Stamen: the part of the flower that produces pollen... more

Les LandrumWelcome to my laboratory! Under my microscope I have a flower from a plant called Lycium exsertum. As we collect specimens we often spend time examining them under different magnifications. You can see what I am looking at through the microscope by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Looking at a Flower Under a Microscope

Below you see the same image of the flower I am viewing. The image starts with the microscope set to the lowest power, but quickly moves to higher magnification. Notice that the flower is pointing down. This is the normal direction this flower grows. To see a stable labeled image, click on the small flower picture at the bottom of the page.

Once you master the names of the parts of the flower you can test what you learned with our flower anatomy activity. You can print it out and write in your answers. Be sure to color the flower as you list each part. There is also an online version you can color and print out.

Flower under a microscope 

Click the image below to see a stable view of the labeled flower:

Pressed flower

This flower is facing down, which is the direction flowers grow in this species. Click for labels.

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Pumpkin flower Arizona State University

Tucked inside this pumpkin flower is the stamen: one of the parts that is important for plant reproduction. Image by Eli Shany via Wikimedia Commons.

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