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Access Secret Files

Top secret stampThese files and reports are all we have at the moment. Our team of data recovery experts continue to work on retrieving more information so check back to see if there are new reports posted to this page.

Below are links to the files in a couple of differnt formats. PDF files can be printed and used without a computer. There are also images in electronic format so you can work with them in other programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Without Computer

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The files below are for downloading paper-based reports. Once these files are downloaded and printed, they can be used without computer

Individual Security Reports (PDF) File Size
Report #1 534K
Report #2 624K
Report #3 704K
Report #4 600K
Report #5 600K
Report #6 705K
Report #7 782K


With a Computer

Dr. Biology at a computer

The files in the section below contain the electronic images from the security reports. These can be downloaded and used with presentation and graphic software.

Digital Security Reports Link File SIze
Report #1 PC | MAC 900K
Report #2 PC | MAC 1MB
Report #3 PC | MAC 900K
Report #4 PC | MAC 900K
Report #5 PC | MAC 900K
Report #6 PC | MAC 900K
Report #7 PC | MAC 900K
All Reports PC | MAC 4.5MB


Optional: PowerPoint Templates
The files below are electronic templates for use with Microsoft PowerPoint. These will help with the layout and design of electronic reports.

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