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Myths and facts about vitamins:


  • Vitamins give you energy
  • Some people need very high amounts of vitamins to be healthy
  • Organic vitamins are better than synthetic vitamins
  • The more vitamins, the better
  • You can't get enough vitamins from the foods you eat
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  • Vitamins do not give you energy directly, but they convert energy from food into a form your body can use
  • People do not need amounts higher than the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance).This is the amount of each vitamin a healthy person should take each day and it is based on scientific studies
  • Your body can't tell the difference between synthetic or organic vitamins
  • Some vitamins (A, D, K, niacin and B6) may be harmful in large amounts
  • If you eat a variety of healthy foods you will get vitamins from your diet. In fact, nutritionists prefer that people get their vitamins from foods because foods that contain vitamins also have other substances that scientists have found help keep people healthy

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