Monster Manual
Written by: Karla Moeller
Illustrated by: Sabine Deviche

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Code: a set of rules for converting information from one form to another. Codes can use letters, symbols and gestures.

Decode: to take a code and convert it into a language that can be understood.

Genetic: having to do with how genes passed down from parent to offspring... more

Genome: all of the genetic information of an organism (living thing)... more

Unique: one of a kind.

Build a monster

Monster Matt


Here is the place where you can build your own monster. It is not that much different than what happens with every living thing. Monsters, plants, and even humans have an instruction manual for building and making their bodies work. These instructions use a special code. For living things it is a genetic code.

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With Monster Maker you use a unique monster code, called a monster genome, to build your own monster. As you decode the pattern of color dots you will be able to add parts to your monster. When the monster is complete it's time to give it a name and print it out. There are three different ways a monster can be printed - with its genome, by itself, or as coloring page. Happy monster building!

Read the stories behind our monsters

A Monster Story Monster Blueprint

You can read about our monsters in either the bedtime tale called A Monster Story, or you can learn about them in our How to Build a Monster story.

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