Virtual Tours in Biology

Want to explore the world of biology, but don't have time to take a field trip? Check out our biology virtual reality tours. Whether you want to travel through time between seasons, learn about a few venomous creatures in the desert, or shrink down to take a tour inside a bee hive, our virtual field trips are a good place to start. Check out the five virtual tours we have so far below. More tours to be added in the summer of 2019.

Take a Virtual Field Trip 

Desert virtual tourDesert summers may seem too hot and dry to support much life, but plenty of plants and creatures can be found in the desert, if you just look and listen closely. Visit the Sonoran desert of Arizona (without breaking a sweat) to see what animals you find, then visit Delving into Deserts for more information.
Rainforest virtual tourTropical rainforests are packed with life, whether it is up above you in the canopy, hiding behind a leaf, or marching alongside your feet. Though you won't be able to feel the humid air surrounding you, this virtual tour takes you deep into the rainforests of Panama. After you've explored all this biome has to offer, visit Revealing the Rainforest  for more information.
Forest virtual tourTemperate forests are known for their warm summers, chilly autumns, and freezing winters. Explore this forest across time and seasons to see the colors of the leaves change. If you don't get lost in all that this tour has to offer, make sure to visit Taking in the Temperate Forest for more information.


Watch Animal Behavior Virtually

Virtual tour in a bee hiveWhat's all the buzz about in this bee colony? This tour takes you to a spot you'd never be able to visit physically... inside of an active bee hive. Learn about bees in this virtual tour and make sure to visit our paired bee story, Bee Bonanza
Virtual tour hummingbird feederLearn about the hummingbirds that had to fight for their spot on this feeder. The hummingbird feeder tour gets you up-close and personal with a bird that's usually too fast to offer you a good look. Learn more about hummingbirds in our paired story, Hummingbirds

Additional images via Wikimedia Commons. Frozen wetland by Famartin.

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Already explored all of our virtual tours? Make sure to check back soon, when we will be adding more virtual biology tours, including a tour of the freshwater biome.

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