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Bacteria: one-celled, microscopic organisms that grow and multiply everywhere on Earth. They can be either useful or harmful to animals... more

Microbe: a living thing so tiny that you would need a microscope to see it... more

Looking for a new way to teach kids about bacteria in the body?


Microbes is a kid-friendly introduction to bacteria in the human body. Educators will enjoy the comic book style used to tell the story of how good bacteria in our bodies help keep us healthy and what happens when the bad ones get out of control.

How to use Microbes

Learn More

Online the "Learn More" icon takes students directly to the science behind the story.

The Microbes comic includes hyperlinks that allow students to drill down and learn more about the cells in the immune system. Clicking the Learn More icon brings you to a page with more in-depth information, allowing you to dig deeper into certain topics.

The act of learning

The comic book is based on an activity developed by the Arizona Science Center. Vistors to the center can become one of the characters and act out the play. The comic book also allows teachers to do the same thing in the classroom. Using Microbes as both a script and storyboard, it is possible to have your students act out the role of bacteria in the human body.

Microbes character lineup

The characters found in the human body help create a great story to act out in the classroom.

Additional images from Wikimedia via ArturoJuárezFlores(MRSA).

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The MRSA bacteria is the leading cause of infections in hospitals. Above, it can be seen interacting with a cell.

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