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Antibiotic: a substance that weakens or destroys bacteria.

Bacteria: one-celled, microscopic organisms that grow and multiply everywhere on Earth. They can be either useful or harmful to animals... more

Prologue: a section before a story or movie that introduces characters and important information.

Original Script and Illustration by Sabine Deviche
Story Behind the Scenes by Conrad Storad
Additional Illustration for Story Behind the Scenes by Gustavo Castaneda

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You may already know that some bacteria can make you sick. Unlike the bacteria that cause diseases and infections, most of the bacteria inside you right now are harmless and live peacefully side by side with the cells of your body. These bacteria work together with your cells to keep other unwanted invaders away and to help keep your body running smoothly.

Microbes Character Lineup

In this story, you will see how good bacteria, antibiotics, and new technologies help keep the bad guys from taking over the body. Many bacteria appear throughout this story. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Other Bacteria

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Bacteria are very small, single celled organisms that live all around us and inside of us.

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