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Sometimes the best way to learn biology is by playing a game or using a simulation. For this reason some of our stories and activities include companion games. Here is list of our current collection of fun biology games. Please note that these biology games are now in HTML5 and are no longer require Flash. We hope you enjoy them.

A cartoon illustration of a mosquito biting human skin

Epic Mosquito Quest

Play Epic Mosquito Quest

Mosquitoes go beyond annoying, to being downright dangerous at times. How can you reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home, to protect yourself and your community? Learn more in Epic Mosquito Quest.

To learn more about mosquito ecology and disease, visit All About Mosquitoes and Managing Mosquitoes.

Play Frankenstein game

Frankenstein's Lab

Play Frankenstein's Lab.

Dr. Frankenstein needs your help to learn about how the bodies of different animals work! Build your own creature from 3-D printed animal parts and learn why some parts match up, but others don't in this physiology game.

Learn more about our tools that explore how animal bodies work at Frankenstein Central.
An illustration of crossing two flowers and getting an unknown offspring

Genetics Game

Play Garden Gene Genius

Our genes control much of how we look and who we are. But do you really know how genetics work? Take a moment to gather some genetic seeds as you learn about Punnett squares, alleles, and more in Garden Gene Genius.

To learn more about genetics and DNA, visit DNA ABCs.

Four potential viruses that can be used in the game

Give It A Shot

Explore Give It A Shot

As our lives become more affected by viruses and bacteria that cause disease, how much does wearing masks and distancing matter? How important is it to get vaccinated? Explore and visualize these questions as you figure out how you could slow a pandemic.

Learn more about vaccine history, testing, and more with our story, Vaccine Science.

An illustration of a white fish silhouette with a question mark in the middle, for the species identifying game Keys to the Ocean

Keys to the Ocean Game

Play the Keys to the Ocean Game

Our world is full of different plants, animals, bacteria, and other life. But how do we know which species is which? Scientists have built tools called taxonomic keys that help us do this. Take a trip to the ocean to help researchers identify different species of fish and zooplankton in Keys to the Ocean.

To learn more about taxonomy and species identification, visit our story page about Taxonomy.

DNA game

Monster Maker

Play Monster Maker

Build your own monster by decoding the monster genome in Monster Maker, a DNA game. It is not very different from what happens in every living thing, using the tiny instruction manual called DNA, found in each of your cells. Decode the pattern of colored dots to see parts of your monster appear.

To learn more, visit Monster Manual.

Also in: Español

Example pattern from Nano Building Game

Nano Building

Play the Bionanoengineering Game.

Basic building patterns can be used to think about how technologies are built at the nano-scale. Try your hand at building specific patterns, or explore how blocks can be used to make many different shapes in this bioengineering game.

To learn more about bioengineering, visit our story Nature's Tiny Machines.
Peppered moth game

Picking off the Peppered Moth

Play the Peppered Moths Game

Get your beaks ready, it's moth-hunting time. In the Peppered Moths Game, you take on the role of the hunter and learn at least one reason why you might eat one moth instead of another.

Learn more about associated stories and lessons at Picking off the Peppered Moths.

Also in: Español | Français

Skeletal anatomy game

Skeleton Viewer

Explore the Skeleton Viewer

To explore the bones of the human skeleton, check out our Skeleton Viewer. Take a look further inside of a bone with our Bone Anatomy Viewer.

To learn more about bones, visit Busy Bones.
Solving mysteries

Using the Scientific Method to Solve Mysteries

Play the Training Room Escape Game

Put your detective skills to the test with our escape room! Use the scientific method and your problem solving abilities to get out. While you are in the escape room see what else you might uncover as you test your escape skills.

To learn more, visit Using the Scientific Method to Solve Mysteries.


Cancer cells from the parathyroid gland
How Many Types of Cells Are in the Human Body?

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