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Read about research projects being conducted at Arizona State University. Many of the articles you find on this page are written by graduate students in the life sciences departments. The list is always growing so be sure to come back and visit often.

Fennec fox
Written by: 
Dr. Biology

Living things need to be able to sense the world around them to avoid danger, find food, find mates, and for other important activities. Learn about the five senses used by many animals to sense the environment.
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Bird singing
Written by: 
Alex Brashears

Many things change during the seasons, including the temperature and the amount of rain that falls. Plants and animals also change with the seasons.
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Eating mealworms
Written by: 
CJ Kazilek and Mary Liz Jameson

Food fit for a king or maybe a local pot-luck dinner. These six-legged recipes will be sure to have everyone talking. In some cases, you might end up the buzz of the meal.

Photosynthesis story
Written by: 
Heather Kropp and Angela Halasey

If it weren't for plants, most of the other organisms on this planet wouldn't survive. Most plants can use energy from the sun to make their own food. Let's take a closer look at the complex process of photosynthesis that gives them this special ability.
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Written by: 
Sabine Deviche

The life and work of Gregor Mendel has some surprising pieces. Known as the father of genetics, his work was mostly unnoticed for 30 years after he published his famous paper. It is also possible this famous scientist suffered from test anxiety.
Also in: Türk

Written by: 
Kirsten Traynor

Little water, sweaty, hot summer days and frigid winter nights make the desert an uninviting place for most animals and plants. But hiding just below the surface, the desert is alive with microbes—tiny, living things too small to see without magnification.
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Written by: 
Amy Shira Teitel

Being an astronaut is a cool job, but before you sign up you should know life in space isn’t all fun and games.  The lack of gravity can make our bodies act in strange ways.

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Illustrated old typewriter with text - Spotting Science Lies
Written by: 
Serena O’Sullivan
Some people on the internet want to trick you when it comes to science. Here are some tools you can use to arm yourself with the truth.
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The Four Seasons
Written by: 
Sisi Gao

You might think that most places on Earth experience the changing of seasons because of the distance from the Sun. But, surprise, that's not the cause. Come and learn some new information to lean on about the tilt of the Earth. 

Written by: 
Kayna Lantz, Maria Eller and Annika Andersen

Humans are constantly changing the world. This can be in good ways, but sometimes it is also in bad ways, like with pollution. Learn the ways in which we can help the world around us by understanding how we affect nature.
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Brain scan created with molecular imaging
Does brain size relate to intelligence?

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