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Read about research projects being conducted at Arizona State University. Many of the articles you find on this page are written by graduate students in the life sciences departments. The list is always growing so be sure to come back and visit often.

Written by: 
Kimberly Repp

Ouch! You just got a paper cut on your finger. What happens now? Besides the sting you are feeling from the cut, there are germs on that paper that are preparing to invade your body. For your immune system, this means war.
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Written by: 
Zachary Stahlschmidt

Being a parent is hard work. Though a snake might not seem comforting to you, pythons are actually very dedicated moms that take good care of their kids.

Written by: 
Joshua Haussler and Karla Moeller

You may know that plants need air, water, and sunlight to survive. But they also need a special molecule called phosphate. Learn more about phosphate, plants, and why genetic modification may be able to fix some of our plant problems.
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Pollen close up
Written by: 
Vaughn Bryant and Gretchen Jones

Most might be surprised that pollen is being used to catch thieves, illegal drug dealers, murders, terrorists, and even catching those who commit less visible crimes such as making and selling fake prescription drugs.
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Written by: 
Steven Hart

You know you're sick, but what might you have? Is it bacteria, fungi, or viruses that are causing your illness? Learn about the differences between these pathogens and about how certain medicines can treat some, but not others.
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Rainforest animals
Written by: 
Karla Moeller

The rainforest is the wettest biome on Earth and is home to half of all species.
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Learn all about cicadas
Written by: 
Tyler Quigley
Every so often, cicadas rise up from their quiet underground burrows to “sing” their best ballads. Aside from their sound, what do you know about the patient, musical lifestyle of these insects?
Sea Urchin
Written by: 
CJ Kazilek

No, urchins are not indigenous to the desert. The usual home for Strongylocentrotus purpuratus is the ocean's rocky floor for grazing along the intertidal and subtidal areas.
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The search for ET life
Written by: 
Finlay Warsop Thomas
Is there life on other planets? Let’s take a look at how scientists are trying to solve this mystery.
Written by: 
Melinda Weaver

To a new visitor, the savanna may look just like a grassland with a few trees. But if you spend some time in the savanna, you learn it is quite different from other biomes.

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Birds on a wire
Are bird numbers declining?

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