Earth Day
Written by: Dr. Biology
Illustrated by: Sabine Deviche

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Earth Day: annual day set aside to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. First celebrated April 22, 1970... more

Phosphorus: 15th element on the periodic table of elements. Phosphates are mined to obtain phosphorus for use in agriculture and industry.

Things to Do for Earth Day

For our contribution to Earth Day we gathered together some informative websites to visit and also included some fun things of our own. For your eyes, we created a modified Ask A Biologist banner as a tribute to the day. It was inspired by the creative folks at Google. For your ears we have two musical compositions that use several of our bird recordings from our virtual aviary. We also have a way to exlpore the different biomes that make Earth an amazing place and one we need to protect.

 ... and remember even though the official Earth Day celebration is only once a year, you can practice what you learn all year round.

Eyes graphic


For your eyes – creative things to view and visit

Sabine Deviche created our Earth Day graphic. You can also visit our Zoom Gallery to see some of Earth's amazing plants and animals. It is like having your own microscope.

AAB Earth Day Graphic


Ears graphic


For your ears – music to listen to

We have a real treat from composer Z. M. E. Barnes. Last year she composed two pieces for Earth Day. You will notice both compositions include some vocals from our birds found in the virtual aviary. You can use our Bird Finder tool to have your own fun with the birds.

Tall Grass Episodes [length 5:22]

Chetowaik’s Nest [length 5:15]

For your adventure – biomes to explore

Adventure hiking


The Earth is a very special planet with many places to explore. Even if you cannot travel to all of them, we have a way for you to trek through the many different biomes. As you visit each unique environment you can spend time learning about some of the plants and animals that live there.

For your curiosity


For your curiosity - websites to visit.

Earth Day History – Earthday Network

Earth Day - EPA

EOL - Encyclopedia of Life

Ecological Footprint -Calculate the impact you are having on the planet and how you can reduce any negative impacts you might be having on Earth.

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Earth from space, 35,000 km (22,000 miles) away. Wikimedia / NASA

Below are a few Earth Day related shows from our companion podcast.

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