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Trouble in the Tropics
Written by: 
Anika Larson

There tend to be more bugs in areas with warmer, tropical climates. The people in these areas also tend to be sick more often, and even have lower incomes. Scientists wanted to see if there was a relationship between the bugs in these tropical climates and people.

woman thinking music
Written by: 
Annika Vannan
People like different types of music, but can the type of music you like be controlled by your style of thinking?
When Ecosystems get Fishy
Written by: 
Eric Moody

Animals that are moved around by the activity of people can affect the places they end up. This article discusses the effects one particular fish has on the river ecosystems where it is introduced.

Chimpanzee communication
Written by: 
Tin Hang (Henry) Hung
Bonobos and chimpanzees look a lot alike and they use similar gestures or movements to communicate. But do the same gestures always mean the same thing?
When the Flu Gets Cold
Written by: 
Chanapa Tantibanchachai

People always seem to get the flu more often during the colder months. Scientists set out to investigate why the flu virus is more common when it's cold outside. 

Where Are the Insects?
Written by: 
Terri Tang

Insects are found in both rural and urban environments, but do they have a preference? Scientists are studying how urban environments affect an insect's chances of survival. 

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19
Written by: 
Michelle Di Palma, Megan McCaughan, Kimberly Olney and Emily Webb
Viruses are everywhere, and most are harmless, but that isn’t the case for the SARS coronavirus. Where did this virus come from?
Written by: 
Lindsey O'Connell

Do we really need to sleep? What about other animals? Scientists examine whether sleep is really necessary, and what happens when animals do sleep.

Why Are Our Arms the Same Length?
Written by: 
Russell Zuniga

Ever wonder how our arms and legs know how fast and how long to grow? So have scientists.

Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?
Written by: 
Sharyn Horowitz

When we start talking about turtles crossing roads, you may think it's a joke. But crossing roads and highways is serious business for reptiles and many other animals. Is there any way to keep them safe?


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