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Scientists are learning new things every day. They are also writing about their discoveries. In most cases they publish in science magazines called journals like the Public Library of Science (PLOS). In our PLOSable section you will find stories that will help you read and explore the articles written by scientists.

Now jump in and start exploring PLOSable - a place where firsthand science is only a mouse click away. If you're interested in diving even further into the world of the scientific article, check out our Anatomy of an Article story. We also have stories exploring articles in evolutionary medicine in our EvMed Edits section.

Written by: 
Courtney Bruce

Life on other planets. Is it possible? Are there going to be little green people, or a friendly Martian? This PLoS article is the story about how scientists are looking for life beyond our planet.

Written by: 
Megan Turnidge

Mushrooms can be mysterious. You might know that some are poisonous while others can be tasty, but did you know that a few kinds can be used as medicine? Learn more about the new ways scientists are using mushrooms to treat cancer. 

Colitis with C. diff
Written by: 
Gayetri Ramachandran
You may have heard that bacteria can be good or bad. But what if some bacteria can be both? Let’s find out more about bacteria that are sometimes mischievous.
Written by: 
Patrick McGurrin

Magic might be real, at least in the brain, for some people. Scientists are finding that magicians' brains are wired differently than those of the average person.

Written by: 
Stephanie Vera

When humans change an environment, it means we can lose species. And losing species is bad news for humans, animals, and the environment.

Written by: 
Savanah McMahon

Sea life might not appear to be restricted to living in certain areas. But often they can only live in specific areas, even in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Written by: 
Anika Larson
Scientists can make great discoveries doing experiments on mice. But it turns out they aren't always as successful as they think.
Written by: 
Shima Shiehzadegan

Tuberculosis (TB) can be a lethal infection that affects your lungs and can make breathing difficult. Here, scientists investigated how a new TB drug, called bedaquiline (BDQ), works in the body, and which combination of medications helps BDQ work better. 

Written by: 
Lindsey O'Connell

A transplant is what happens when doctors take a body part from one person and give it to another person, kind of like Frankenstein except not so scary-looking. Scientists are hard at work on some of the most difficult parts to transplant like hands and faces.

Written by: 
Alexis Abboud

When a tumor grows in a human body, you'd think that the body would fight it every way possible. But our bodies build vessels that deliver blood to tumors, helping them to grow. Scientists are trying to figure out why this happens so they can stop our bodies from feeding tumors. 


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