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Read about research projects being conducted at Arizona State University. Many of the articles you find on this page are written by graduate students in the life sciences departments. The list is always growing so be sure to come back and visit often.

Green eye
Written by: 
Page Baluch and Ashleigh Gonzales

Have you ever wondered how an image is seen by your eyes, and how your eyes can tell your brain what they are seeing? Learn all about how your eyes and brain work together to show you the world.
Also in: Español | Français

Understanding Smell
Written by: 
Pierce Hutton and Megan Turnidge
Humans use smell more than you might think. It helps us find food and tell if it is edible, helps us avoid some dangerous situations, and even helps us taste. This story explores how smell works.
Also in: Español | Français
Written by: 
Shelley Valle

Think about the last delicious food that you devoured. Maybe it was a savory, cheesy pizza. Or maybe it was a sweet yet tart slice of apple pie. How did eating it make you feel? What did you like about it? Furthermore, how were you able to taste it? Is there any reason to taste food other than to provide a pleasurable experience?

Written by: 
Patrick McGurrin

Humans interact with their environment using their sense of touch. This story explores how touch works. 

internet puzzle
Written by: 
CJ Kazilek

Searching for things on the Internet can be like hunting for a needle in a large haystack. Just how large is the Internet?

Written by: 
Stephanie Bittner

When you think of hummingbirds, you may think about how they can fly in almost any direction. But there is a lot more to these acrobatic birds than meets the eye.
Also in: Deutsch | Türk

Girl inspecting ecosystems
Written by: 
Tamara Harms

We hear the word ecosystems in the news and at school but just what are ecosystems? It turns out there are lots of ecosystems. You might even learn you have some inside you!
Also in: Français | Español | 中文

Written by: 
Kelly Harkins

The past can be hard to remember, so how can we go about studying it? Indiana Jane takes us on a tour of humans from the past, ancient microbes, and the bioarchaeologists that study them both.
Also in: Español

Itty Bitty Beasts
Written by: 
Ioulia Bespalova
Tardigrades are some of the toughest animals on earth. They can survive freezing, drying up, radiation, and space, all while being smaller than the tip of a pencil.
Fig wasp close up
Written by: 
Dani Moore

Fruit may just be something that you like to eat. For the fig wasp, fig fruit is more than just a food--it's where life begins and ends.


Birds on a wire
Are bird numbers declining?

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