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Feather Zoom Gallery (Feathers up-close)

There is nothing like seeing a feather up close. To help you do this we borrowed some feathers from some or our scientists and researchers and took pictures with a special scanner and microscope so you can get a close look at them. Click on any of the feathers in the gallery below and then zoom in and explore. We also have a companion story about feathers that you might like to check out.

Great Argus Pheasant feather imageGreat Argus Pheasant
Argusianus argus
Wing feather [left]

Temminck's Tragopan Pheasant
Tragopan temminckii
Body feather [right]
Temminck's Tragopan Pheasant feather image
Scarlet Macaw feather imageScarlet Macaw
Ara macao
Body feather [left]

Lady Amherst's Pheasant
Chrysolophus amherstiae
Neck feather [right]
Lady Amshert's Pheasant feather image
Amazon Parrot feather imageAmazon Parrot
Unknown species
Tail feather [left]

Eurasian Jay
Garrulus glandarius
Wing feather [right]
Eurasian Jay feather image
Golden Pheasant feather imageGolden Pheasant
Chrysolophus pictus
Neck feather [left]

Wood Duck
Aix sponsa
Body (side) feather [right]
Wood Duck feather image
Blue Gold Macaw feather image-top viewBlue & Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Wing feather
top view [left]

Blue & Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Wing feather
bottom view [right]
Blue Gold Macaw feather image-bottom view
Blue Gold Macaw magnified feather image-top viewBlue & Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Wing feather magnified
top view [left]

Blue & Gold Macaw
Ara ararauna
Wing feather magnified
bottom view [right]
Blue Gold Macaw magnified feather image-bottom view

The black scale bar lines in each image are equal to 10 millimeters (one centimeter).

These feathers were collected by scientists and other researchers that have been granted a permit by the government to collect feathers. In case you did not know, in the United States it is illegal to collect feathers from most birds without a permit. So don't start pulling feathers off every bird you see. You can't even keep a feather you found on the ground. In case you would like to know about the law called, "The Migratory Bird Treaty Act," try out this link.

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