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These fun quizzes are based on our own Ask A Biologist articles. You might want to read the article first, or if you feel up to the challenge, give them a try before reading each article.

Pick a quiz from the topics below. If you need help the articles are listed on the left.

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Quiz Related Article
ABC Vitamins Why Are English Sailors Called Limeys?
Ant Anatomy Face to Face with Ants
Ant Farm Ant Farm
Antibiotics vs. Bacteria Antibiotics vs Bacteria: An Evolutionary Battle
Ants Ants
Bats Bats
Bee Bonanza Bee Bonanza
Bees Mite Mighty Foe to 'Killer' Bees in State
Beetles How Do Beetles Reproduce?
Birds, Hormones, and Seasons Singing in the Rain
Building Blocks of Life Building Blocks of Life
Butterfly Vision Did You Know Butterflies Are Legally Blind?
Cloning Cloning Ewe
Collecting Ants Collecting Ants
Color Vision Seeing Color
Crazy Climate Crazy Climate and Wacky Weather
Desert Biome Delving into Deserts
Digging Bees Desert Diggers
Ecosystems I Spy an Ecosystem
Endangered Species Making the List
Feathers Feather Biology
Fig Wasps Life and Death of a Fig Wasp
Focusing on Physiology Focusing on Physiology
Freshwater Biome Falling into Freshwater
Genetics and Mendel Solving a Genetic Mystery
Grasslands Biome Grasping Grasslands
How Do We Sense Taste? How Do We Sense Taste?
How Vision Works How Do We See?
Kazakhstan Where In The World Is Kazakhstan?
Lizards Mighty Morphing Tree Lizards
Mapping the Future Mapping the Future
Medicinal Plants Nature's Medicine
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis – Nature’s Ultimate Transformer
Monarchs Migrating Monarchs
Nervous System A Nervous Journey
Plankton An Invisible Watery World
Pollen Pollen - Nature's Tiny Clues
Python Parenting Perfect Python Parenting
Salamanders He Ain't Tasty He's My Brother
Savanna Biome Searching the Savanna
Scientific Method Using the Scientific Method to Solve Mysteries
Scorpions Not So Scary Scorpions
Sea Urchins Sea Urchins Do Research
Searching the Internet How to Find What You Need on the Internet
Seeds Time Traveling Plants
Sınav: Gün ışığı üzerine Güneş ışığı üzerine
Sınav: Yarsalar Yarasa
Snacking on Sunlight Quiz Snacking on Sunlight
Space Physiology Spaced Out Physiology
Superorganisms Secrets of a Superorganism
Taiga Quiz Trailing Through Taiga
Tardigrades Itty Bitty Beasts
Taxonomy Linnaeus and the World of Taxonomy
Temperate Biome Taking in the Temperate Forest
Tropical Rainforest Biome Revealing the Rainforest
True Bugs True Bugs
Tundra Biome Trekking Through Tundra
Tüy Biyolojisi Tüy Biyolojisi
Two Headed Snake The Tale of the Two-Headed Lampropeltis getula californiae
What's a GMO? What's a GMO?
Whats a biologist? What's a Biologist?
X-ray Crystallography Making Life Crystal Clear
Illustration of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Why is Rudolph's nose red?

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