Written by: Logvin, Kazilek and Lawson

Computer-Based Reasoning Modules for STEM Education

Many students lack skills in the use of basic reasoning patterns and, as a consequence, fail not only to understand the nature of science and how to do science, but also fail to acquire understanding of key scientific concepts and theories. However, most students can improve these important reasoning skills given appropriate instruction.

Inquiry-oriented activities to improve student reasoning skills have been developed and tested. These activities were implemented within the context of hands-on, inquiry-oriented instruction. Results from student pre and post-test exams  demonstrated a marked improvement in student reasoning skills. However, requiring hands-on instruction limits the number of students that can be targeted.

To improve student achievement, key pedagogical elements of those activities can be integrated into modules for implementation in or outside of the classroom. 

Below is a computer-based activity developed from one of our lesson modules. This one focuses on proportional reasoning skills. The activity is available for review in either English or Spanish. When you select either of the versions below, they will be opened in a separate window. The other lessons (modules 1 through 5) do not have a computer-based activity, but can still be used to build activities for the classroom or for informal learning opportunities.

Module 6: Proportional Reasoning

*This activity requires the Flash plug-in from Flash to play. If the module does not appear when clicking on the links above, click on the button below to get Flash. The plug-in is free and is also easy to install.

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